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  • Jan 22, 2010
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  • Share/Bookmark Today I'm going to tell you about something interesting . the best online encryption & decryption solution for free , the "" .

    What is Crypo ???? is free Free Encryption & Decryption Online services for various section . Even I also use this services for my CMS / Sites.. , This is very useful to hide your own coded source code form copying.

    The Official website is :

    Some of the best services I use : JSE-JavaScript Encode
                                                           MD5 Hash Generator
                                                           U-ASCII Unicode Encode
    there are more advaced encryption  far beyond this site  , but as a  starter this is good for newbies !!!

    * Tip : the whole encode systems also include a decode sytem , so to view a encrypt script / message you must decrypt in using the suitable decoder. Remember that you can also save the web page to use it offline to encrypt /decrypt your scripts / messages .


    For webmasters ;

    Have u created your website with in a hard work? , But what the heck ,what happen when some one steal your precious source code with in no time & use it for their purpouses.To avoid stealing the source code , a lot web masters disable the right-click,but this won't stop them,caz you can still see the source code by going to "View ÞSource Code".But there is a another way to stop this , Using a HTML Encoder.

    What this do? Simple; this convert the HTML source code in to Decimal Or Something that can't be view as a noramal HTML source code. (Depending on the Encoder).But this may only Effective 80% only.caz Smart Web masters/gurus can easily Decode the encrypted Source code with a HTML Decoder.The disadvantage of this is that After you use this , your HTML pages may load very slowly., The reason is that the browser need to Decrypt the Encrypted Source code.

    *  IF you use a HTML Encoder, your Source Code may be 80% safe.Only 20% can view  the Source Code (Smart web masters/gurus) .But this will reduce your site traffic.            

    * IF you use the " Disable Right- Click" option , your source code may be 20% safe.Only 80% can view the    Source Code(Normal Web users).

    * IF you use nothing , your source code may be 0% safe.Everyone can view the Source Code.


    Here is another encryption that I used..... ; this is very special from other encryption method because this is use a digital signature word with the encryption , when you the decryption is done with a wrong digital signature it will give you another bullshit . this is very hady & useful when you want to exchange confidential information.

    Download Code for this encryption in HTML format :


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